What Are The Best Sewing Machine Brands In 2019?

I can remember walking into my grandmother’s kitchen early one Saturday morning to see her Singer sewing machine propped up on the table. She had set aside a seat for me to watch her work and took her time between stitches and hems to teach me the ins and outs of the machine. Later, my mother would pass on her old Brother sewing machine to me, a machine that lasted through most of my life and continues to work to this day.

There are many sewing machine brands to choose from, from the tried-and-true sewing machine companies that have been around since our grandmothers and great-grandmothers started sewing, to the off-brand and unique sewing machines that can be found all around the internet. But what truly makes the best sewing machine brands stand out from the rest?

In some cases, it is the history behind them. Hundreds of men and women over the generations improving these sewing machines until they became a household staple for crafters around the world. In other cases, it’s innovation and a dedication to producing affordable sewing machines that allow almost anyone to take up the mantle of the crafter and start creating their own masterpieces out of fabric. Whatever their history, each of these brands holds a certain amount of dependability behind them, and of course, quality.

What to Keep in Mind

In order to rank the best sewing machine brands of 2019, we’ve gone and researched both the history of these time-honored brands, as well as their overall design styles, reliability, and of course, how many different types of machines they offer, and of course, their affordability. Now, without further ado, here are our best sewing machine brands of 2019.

 Here Are The Best Sewing Machine Brands In 2019

  1. Bernia

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These sewing machines are not usually on the radar for the average sewer, which is why they make the number 5 spot on our list. Their machines run the gambit from the Bernette Swiss Design basic sewing machine line to more advanced fully automatic factory sewing machines. What they lack in accessibility they make up for in quality, and their top-of-the-line sewing machines, while quite the investment, are worth every penny. Yet even with these over-the-top sewing machine models on the market, their Bernette Swiss Design remains one of the best inexpensive beginner sewing machines on the market today. For anyone looking to invest in a truly innovative company who keeps pushing the idea of a sewing machine to greater heights, Bernia is unbeatable.

  1. Janome

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The Janome line of sewing machines from offers a great lineup of truly basic sewing machines that are great for household use as well as for professional crafters. They also have a reliable line of serger machines, making them ideal for anyone looking to branch out into the specialized world of crafting machines. Their sewing machines are simple to use, easy to learn on, and reliable, making them an easy shoo-in for our number 4 spot. While their sewing machines tend to stay towards the basic machine line-up, their sewing machines are still reliable as ever, and a great investment for anyone looking to upgrade their craft room. And their dedication to inexpensive, high-quality products earns them a place on this list. While Janome has branched out into more niche sewing machines like monogram machines and even computerized sewing machine, their true charm lies in their basic sewing machines for all skill levels and sewing needs. While their heavy-duty line up is a bit on the light side, the rest of their products are reliable and produce beautiful crafting results time and time again, making them a truly reliable brand for all your sewing needs.

  1. Juki

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Juki is a line synonymous with high-quality specialized machines, from their truly free motion quilting machine to some of their sleek, trimmed down sewing machines that make you feel like you’ve stepped into the year 2079. While their machines fall on the expensive side, their incredibly high reliability, wonderful customer service, and commitment to high standards of production make them well worth the investment. With machines ranging from sergers and embroidery machines to basic sewing machines for everyday use, Juki brings the best sewing machines to your door for a reasonable price. While not everyone has the luxury of owning a Juki machine, once you’ve stitched on one of these gorgeous machines you will never go back. Trust us, it’s well worth the commitment.

    1. Singer

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Everyone has seen a Singer sewing machine before, even people who have never touched a sewing machine in their lives. Singer brings their wealth of knowledge earned over their hundreds of years as a company to simple, elegant machines that span the breadth from beginner sewing machines to fully automated monogram and embroidery machines that take the guesswork out of sewing. It would take pages to go over all of the various sewing machines Singer has on the market, and even longer to narrow down why they are one of the best sewing machine brands operating today (check out our list of the Best Singer Sewing Machines for the full rundown), but their dedication to quality and producing wildly available machines that are heavy-duty, reliable, and that live up to their long history of production makes them one of the clear top contenders for best sewing machine brands in 2019. And, like many of the sewing machine companies on this list, Singer continues to innovate and improve on their models, offering customer warranties, updated machines, and a constantly expanding inventory of products and instructional videos to help even the newest seamstress or tailor get started on their crafting journey.

    1. Brother

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Nothing is more synonymous with sewing machines than Brother. Their products are hailed as the reigning sewing machine champions time and time again thanks to their ability to keep their prices low while keeping their quality high. They run the whole spectrum of sewing products, and their dedication to their customers and production line sets them apart from the rest. A Brother sewing machine is a sewing machine you can rely on, one that will always stitch the perfect line, or serge the perfect edge, or whose innovative computerized machines help streamline the crafting process until you almost forget the machine is even there. While many of the distinctions between brands comes down to personal opinion and crafting history, almost everyone can agree that Brother deserves a spot in the high court of sewing machine crafters, where their company values continue to earn them high reviews on every sales site across the web, and their constant innovation keeps them on the cusp of every crafting turnover. A Brother machine is an investment you will never forget, and one you can pass down to your children and even your children’s children.