10 Unique Baby Quilt Pattern Ideas In 2019

There is nothing quite like a new quilt for a new baby. The soft fabrics and loving time spent crafting a blanket for the newest bundle of joy brings a sort of magic to any baby shower or even birthday party. If you find yourself getting stuck in the same routine with your baby quilts, or are looking for a unique idea to help you up your quilting game, we’ve got you covered. As with any quilt pattern, make sure to add your own personalized touch to these patterns for a truly spectacular gift that will last throughout their entire lives.

10 Unique Baby Quilt Pattern Ideas

  1. First Heartbeat Quilt  – View Pattern

This adorable, delicate quilt is the perfect gift for anyone having their first baby. The colors can be customized for match the pattern, and if you’re looking for that added touch of customization you can always ask the parents (or parents to be) for a copy of their first recorded heartbeat to make the quilt match the rise and fall of the graph. Of course, even without the added personalization, this adorable quilt is sure to be adored by parents and children alike, and is a great way to show off free motion stitches, should you be so inclined.

  1. Turnstile Quilt – View Pattern

Nothing says a spring baby like windmills! This adorable design brings the eyes through the whole quilt while still keeping an overall light appearance to the quilt. If you’re looking to step away from the traditional baby quilt designs, you can always make this in darker colors, or personalize it for the parents with different patterns. For that added special touch, see what color they’re decorating their nursery so they’ll have the perfect baby blanket to bring home with them when their little bundle of joy arrives.

  1. Checkerboard Farm Quilt  – View Pattern

Nothing says kid-friendly like a quilt that can quickly turn into a play area. You can customize this quilt by making the center lines “roads” and going for a city or town theme with the customization, or go for a river and forest design for an nature-based children’s quilt that will see hours of snuggling and playing as the baby grows and learns.

  1. Going Up Quilt – View Pattern

Try and keep with the theme on this quilt for the biggest impact. You can choose fabrics with birds, hot air balloons, clouds, or even outer space. Or, if you’re a bigger fan of color gradients, start with a green base color to represent the ground and end with a light blue or white color for the clouds, with a yellow chevron in the top corner for the sun. Let your imagination run away with you, and let your inner child play out on the quilt. What better time to make believe, after all?

  1. Twitter Quilt – View Pattern

This tweet (er, sweet) quilt is the perfect choice for a spring baby, and the happy cartoon birds are the perfect canvas for bright, happy colors to light up any nursery space. You can match the pinwheels to the birds, or go for a new color entirely, the choice is up to you. You could also include some musical notes by the birds to give the entire quilt a taste of whimsy.

  1. One Hour Baby Quilt  – View Pattern

Quick, easy, and unique, this quilt just might become your go-to for those baby announcements that you somehow missed until the last minute. The real creativity of this quilt comes into play with your choice of fabric. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, change the angle of the squares for a diamond quilt to shake up a tried-and-true design.

  1. Rise and Shine Quilt – View Pattern

The sun at the top of this quilt is the most difficult part of the pattern to pull off, but it makes the entire quilt. The vertical patterns give this quilt a happy feel that shines through with the cartoon sun design (pun intended). If you’re feeling incredibly ambitious, you can make this a double-sided quilt with a moon and darker colors on the back side for a quilt that can help take some of the argument out of settling down for the night. Either way, this is a great present for an older kid or a child who really lights up your life. Nothing says love like a few well-placed puns, after all.

  1. Citrus Mint Baby Quilt – View Pattern

The simple design of this quilt paired with the fun colors makes this the perfect quilt pattern to have on hand for an emergency. The overall design is so eye-catching and simple, you might end up making a full-sized design for yourself. Plus, the color scheme is easily customized to match any nursery or color of preference.

  1. Woven Rings Quilt  – View Pattern

Nothing says a new baby like teething rings, so why not celebrate one of the baby’s favorite toys with this adorable quilt that takes all of the magic of interlocking quilt pieces and works them into this simple, symbolic design that will be passed on for years to come. You can also make the rings slightly larger for a more colorful quilt, or fully reverse the colors to create a striking contrast between the top pieces and the quilt background. No matter the coloration, this quilt is sure to run rings around any other pattern.

  1. Baby Steps  – View Pattern

This quilt takes a quilter’s favorite tool (fat quarters) and turns it into an elegant, minimalistic quilt that’s straight out of 2019. You can coordinate the various colors for a gradient effect that moves upwards along the quilt, or forgo that entirely for a black and white striped quilt that’s sure to turn heads. And, like many of the options on this list, this is a great quilting option for anyone who likes to free motion quilt, as the simplistic lines highlight the complexities of free motion stitching.