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Treblab XR100 Review – Best Wireless Earbuds under $25?

Treblab XR100 Review - Inpost Featured Image

If you haven’t heard about Treblab ever, don’t get worried!

However, trust me when I say that they are one of the best earphones-manufacturing brands out there.

Treblab XR100 is an excellent Bluetooth-based wireless in-ear headphones from the brand and do stick around to read the Treblab XR100 review.

You might know by now, there are loads of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones available in the market, some for as low as $10, whereas others going upwards of $150 and more.

Whereas, with Treblab XR100, it sits at an extreme budget range costing under $25 and will give you a great bang for your buck, in case you’re thinking of buying it.

So without wasting much time, let’s jump into the full review of Treblab XR100 and see if it’s just-another Bluetooth Earbuds or offers something solid.

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Treblab XR100 Review

First Impression and Design

Design wise, the XR100 isn’t going to win any design awards for sure.

However it doesn’t means that the design is bad.

XR100 has a practical design with an angled eartip and earhooks that keep the earbuds in place.

Treblab XR100 - Best Bluetooth Earbuds under $25

Since Treblab markets XR100 as workout earbuds, the earhooks makes sure that the earbuds don’t fall off during jogging or light workout.

Moreover, you can see that the connecting cable is flat and its flow is continuous from one earbud to another. This means that the microphone and battery is placed within the earbuds themselves.

Holding the earbuds in hand, they feel very light weight and easy to carry around with the provided zippered pouch.

Even the provided earhooks are flexible and can be molded according to your liking and use.

What’s in the Box?

Treblab XR100 comes in a very basic square-shaped box, with the earbuds picture and branding, while regular information at the back.

However, interesting part is what’s inside the box:

Opening the box, you are greeted with another cardboard box that hosts the round zippered pouch and another compartment within the box has the USB to micro-USB cable for charging.

Treblab XR100 - What's inside the box

Opening the Zippered pouch, which itself is made of hard shell and of very good quality, you can now see the earbuds inside; along with bunch of silicone eartips too of different sizes.

For the price, Treblab has provided enough of accessories inside the box, hence you don’t have to go shopping for them after buying the earbuds.


Design and Built Quality

Design wise, the Treblab XR100 looks very similar to most of the other Bluetooth Earbuds out there.

Hence no brownie points on the design front.

However that doesn’t mean it has average build quality like the rest of the earbuds too.

Though the overall material used for construction is plastic, the earbuds feel rigid and can easily take a drop or two without giving up on you.

As I mentioned earlier, it has angled eartip design, which makes sure the earbuds fit snuggedly into the cavity of your ears.

Treblab XR100 - Best Bass Heavy Wireless Earbuds

Moreover the rubber-based ear hooks offers additional assurance that the earbuds won’t come off during normal usage or while you’re jogging, exercising and other physical activities.

“Having said that, I do want to disclose that Bluetooth earbuds design may or may not fit you correctly; depending on your ears.

As we all have ears of different shapes and sizes, it is minutely possible that these earbuds may not fit you properly even after trying all the silicone eartips.

Basically if you don’t get a proper seal while using these earbuds and trying all the provided silicone eartips, you should consider returning them and getting different earbuds.”

Additionally, the earbuds have a volume up/down button on the left earpiece and under it, you can also find the charging port as well!



I personally have plenty of experience with multitude of budget Bluetooth Earbuds, so trust me when I say that, these earbuds are slightly better in terms of audio performance compared to its competition.

Treblab XR100 - Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Running

Most earbuds that I have used have a very bass heavy sound that overshadows other frequencies. Hence listening to rock and other classical music is a letdown, even listening to Hip Hop and Rap seems like a stress.

However, coming to Treblab XR100, they too have a bass heavy sound signature, but it is pretty well balanced with mid and high frequencies noticed very well.

Specifically these earbuds are targeted towards people with active lifestyle; it suits them pretty well and since majority of audience listens to Hip Hop, Rap and Pop music, its bass heavy tonality makes up for major acceptance.

Talking about technicalities, Treblab XR100 includes Bluetooth 4.1 CSR Technology with aptX, which ensures a high quality and skip free music transmission.

Treblab XR100 - Best Wireless Earbuds under $25

Likewise, the earbuds (according to the brand) offers up to 9 hours of playback time, which in reality is close to 7 hours and takes around 2 hours to charge completely.

It also has CVC 6.0 noise canceling technology for microphone that compresses external noise while you’re on call.



To be honest, Treblab XR100 isn’t a unique Bluetooth earphone because there are plenty of similar options within the same price give or take.

However, one thing that I can assure you is that this earbud does maintain a quality standard because of the brand, which most other earbuds might lack.

More specifically, since it comes from a reputed brand, which I as a reviewer have good experience with, it’s better to put your hard earned money into a brand that’s reputed and very well rooted in the business, rather than going with similar earbuds that could be $5-10 cheap.

It does have a practical design, good sound output, longer battery life than competition, a great set of included accessories, and moreover it comes from a reputed brand.

Subsequently, if you’re a rough user like me, you should give preference to XR100 due to its strong build quality that won’t give up on you easily.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Treblab XR100 review, and if you did don’t feel shy to drop down any questions you have regarding the product, I’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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