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How to Take Care of Your Headphone Like a Baby!

How to Take Care of Your Headphone Like a Baby!

The headphones provide way better sound experience than the speakers. It doesn’t matter how high-end the speakers are, the headphones and earphones are going to win the race against the speakers. Most of us own the headphones for music listening and hardcore gaming needs. Some of us use the cheap headphones or earphones, and some of us use the high-end headphones and earphones.

There is a noticeable difference of sound and build quality is cheap and expensive headphones. But, if we don’t take care of them, even expensive is going to give you the experience of cheap headphones. So, it is always better to take care of the headphones or earphones just like you take care of any other electronics items.

If you are interested in learning how to take care of your headphone like a baby, then you are at the right place. In this post, I will share some of the best tips and tricks, that I use to take care of my expensive headphones.

How to Take care of your Headphones?

How to Take Care of Your Headphone Like a Baby

There are many factors to take into consideration for taking care of the headphones. If you take care of all of the points, then your headphone or earphone will last longer and give you the same musical experience.  Here are some of the points you should consider to take proper care of your lovely electronic device.


Most of the headphones are pretty rigid and need a space to hang out when not in use. But that’s not the right meaning of protection of headphones. If possible, you should keep your headphones at the safe place from accidental damages. Like, if you have a pet in the house, then the pet may try to chew the headphone wires, which will render the headphone useless.

So, keep it safe from the pets in your house. To keep the headphones safe and protect them from any unintentional damage, you can either hang them on the headphone stand, on the wall near your work desk or even start using the Headphone Pouch to keep it safe and handy.


Mostly the over-the-ear headphones won’t need the regular cleaning. As they are used over-the-ear, and over your head, they won’t catch much dust or any contamination. But, the in-the-ear headphones are prone to contamination and need regular cleaning.

You can consider using the cleaning kits available for cleaning the headphones. Otherwise, you can assemble your headphone cleaning kits made with the cotton buds and antiseptic liquid. Just use the cotton buds to clean the earbuds and use another bud soaked in antiseptic liquid to decontaminate the earbuds.

To clean the Over-the-Ear headphones, all you have to do is to wipe the headphone with moist tissue paper or towel.


We’ve taken care of the two critical factors that’ll help you to maintain the headphones and increase their lifespan correctly. Now, we are moving to the highly ignored, but still one of the most critical factors. The use of the Headphones!

Usually, we use the headphones for listening to songs, audios, while playing games and communicating with others. But, have you noticed that how we use the headphones? While chatting with others, we use headphones on full volume, while listening to songs we use the headphone on full volume and full base. But that’s not the right way to do so!

The best way to use the headphone is to adjust the volume to an appropriate level. The highest possible volume is not ideal for the health of the speakers and your ears too. Also, the high-bass is not good for the health of speakers in the headphones. They are destined to get damaged if you keep high-bass while listening to the songs.

In short, it is advised to keep the volume at an optimum level that keeping it at high and don’t always use the bass mode while wearing the headphones.

Got it? How to Take Care of Your Headphones?

Well, the headphone is another electronic equipment which you have to take care to get the same experience while using it. The headphones are a critical electronic instrument that you have to manage correctly, or they’ll damage your ears.

With these tips to maintain the headphones, you’ll have a properly working headphone after years of usage. Although, cheap headphones, be it Over-the-Ear or in-the-ear are not surviving long enough, but with these tips, you can increase their lifespan by almost double.