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How to Connect Headphones to TV via Bluetooth in 5 Minutes

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Ok! You’ve brought a brand new big TV...

...and a premium surround sound Soundbar speaker.

However you come late at night and this disavows you to enjoy excellent sound your speaker offers.

What do you do in such situation?

Definitely! Look for alternatives.

And that is HEADPHONES, isn’t it?

Now I know it’s rough to attach your headphones to TV audio jack and sit in front of it.

You want to know; how to connect headphones to TV wirelessly, don’t you?

Well... don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

As I will be showing you how to connect headphones to TV without headphone jack; so you don’t need to sit a meter-length away from TV and suffer from eye strain.

In this article I’ll show you a very simple way to connect headphones to TV.

What I'll cover in this article?

Well if you have Bluetooth Headphones; I’ll show you how you can connect it to your TV... even if it doesn’t comes with Bluetooth.

Don’t be saddened if you own a Wired Headphone, and still want to connect your headphones to TV and also sit on your bed rather than in front of TV. We’ve also got you covered.

how to connect headphones to TV - Photive BTH3 2

Photive BTH3 are one of the best Bluetooth Headphones under $50

As I’ll be showing how you can sit wherever you want in your room and still connect your wired headphones to TV wirelessly.

Shall we get started?

Let’s go!

Firstly I’ll cover...

How to Connect Wireless/Bluetooth Headphones to TV?

Before we start; if you don’t own any over-ear headphones...

...then I’d suggest you to go and visit my previous article about 10 Best Headphones for Watching Movies and select the one you like.

The list includes mix of Wired and Wireless/Bluetooth Headphones from $25 to $150 with my favorite being Monster Inspiration.

How to connect wireless headphones to TV 2

Monster Inspiration are one of the best looking Wired Headphones

How do we get started to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to TV?

Without wasting time, here we go...

To Connect Wireless Headphones for HDTV, I’m supposing you already own a Wireless/Bluetooth Headphone.

You might be wondering; even the most costly of TVs don’t come with Bluetooth...

...then how are we going to make this happen?

Well! Our answer is in buying an additional accessory called as Keedox Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver Adapter.

This is just an additional $35 accessory that will give any TV; Bluetooth capabilities.

Isn’t that awesome? Yes it is.

Here’s how to connect your Wireless/Bluetooth Headphones to TV with Keedox 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver Adapter.

  • Just like any RF based headphones; Keedox replaces the Base Port and connects to 3.5mm audio jack or RCA port of your TV
  • Power on Keedox
  • Power on your Bluetooth Headphones
  • Turn off all other Bluetooth on all devices in your sight or near proximity like Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, Streaming Player and so for seamless pairing
  • Now set Keedox to pairing mode by pressing and holding its power button for 3 seconds until it starts blinking red and blue lights at a fast pace
  • Press and hold pairing button on your headphones until both devices are paired and red-blue light stops blinking
  • Voila! Now you’re done.

Wasn’t that simple?

Yes it was!

With this; now you can sit anywhere in your room and enjoy your TV without investing in costly RF based headphones.

The best part is Keedox Bluetooth Transmitter gives any device Bluetooth Capabilities until and unless it has a 3.5mm audio jack.

how to connect headphones to TV - Lady watching TV 2

Ok! Now that we’ve discussed about how to Connect TV to Wireless Headphones, shall we talk about How to Connect Wired Headphones to TV?

Well here’s how...

How to Connect Wired Headphones to TV via Bluetooth?


I know it’s hard to go out and buy a new Bluetooth Headphones just for your TV, even though you already have a costly Wired Headphones with excellent sound quality.

Isn’t it?

I looked around the Internet, and failed to find any guide on how to Connect Headphones to TV without Headphone Jack and rather via Bluetooth.

Hence why I will explain all the steps here...

Shall I?

In the previous part; you saw how I used a cool accessory called as Keedox to connect headphones to TV wirelessly.

In this part, we’ll also require Keedox... but not one, we require two Keedox to complete our setup.

Since Keedox is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, we will require two of them... which will act as a transmitter (to transmit audio signals) and sit next to your TV and another one which will connect to your wired headphones via headphone jack and act as Receiver to receive audio signals transmitted by other Keedox.

Here’s how the setup will look like!

  • Firstly connect one Keedox to your TV via 3.5mm audio jack or RCA cable and keep it in Transmitter mode. You can find the mode switcher next to audio jack and micro-USB port. Here ‘T’ stands for Transmitter and ‘R’ for Receiver. Just toggle the switch to ‘T’. (See above image)

  • Secondly connect the other Keedox to your wired headphone via audio jack and keep it in Receiver mode.

  • Now power on both Keedox devices.

  • Hold the power button on both the devices; so that they start blinking blue and red light continuously. This sends both the devices in pairing mode.

  • Once both the devices are paired; red and blue lights will stop blinking and only blue light will be blinking slowly after every few seconds.

  • If you hear audio from your TV through your wired headphone, then you’re done!

Don’t you think how simple it was and most of you didn’t even know it.

But wait!

There’s a problem with this...


Glad you asked.

If you look at Keedox, it’s a 6cm x 6cm device and weighs 80 grams.

It’s great if you’re keeping it behind your TV...

...but it’s not that lightweight when it comes to attaching it to your headphones.

Mostly what happens is, you suddenly get out of bed with your headphones on and forget that Keedox is attached to it.

What happens next is we all know.

Baam! Keedox slams down to the floor.

You wouldn’t want a $35 device to be wasted like that, would you?

Hence why... I will be showing you alternatives that you can use instead of Keedox to connect to your headphones...

...which are lightweight, small as a pendrive and can easily fit in your pocket.

Shall we start?

4 Lighter Alternatives to Keedox 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

#1: Avantree Saturn Pro

Avantree Saturn Pro is a Low Latency AptX 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver.

Just like Keedox, the Saturn Pro also had a Transmitter and Receiver Toggle Switch...

...which means it can completely replace Keedox as a Transmitter for TV and Receiver for Headphones.

The best part is, this Bluetooth Adapter weighs only 0.3 ounces (8.5 grams) , making it very lightweight and easy to carry.

how to connect headphones to TV - Avantree Saturn Pro 2

Avantree Saturn Pro Low Latency AptX Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

Its package comes with Saturn Pro Bluetooth Adapter, RCA cable, USB to micro-USB charging cable and 3.5mm dual pin adapter.

It operates within 10 meters range and provides battery life of 10 hours as a receiver and 15 hours as transmitter.

Since it’s a low-latency AptX Bluetooth enabled device, it offers a negligible latency of just 32ms... so you won’t notice any Lip Sync delay while watching movies and your favorite shows.

#2: Anker Aluminum Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

If you want a well build and rugged Bluetooth Receiver to go with your costly Headphones, then Anker Bluetooth adapter it is.

Made out of aluminum, it looks very premium compared to previously mentioned Avantree Saturn Pro.

However since it has full aluminum body, it also weighs on the higher side at 1.7 ounces (50 grams) which is almost 5 times more than Saturn Pro.

Anker Receiver 2 - How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV

Anker Bluetooth Adapter's Aluminum finish gives it a Premium feel

It operates in A2DP mode and has range of 10 meters.

Battery life is acceptable at 6 hours as receiver and 11 hours as Transmitter.

The package comes with Anker Bluetooth Adapter, micro-USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable and user manuals. Sadly it doesn’t comes with RCA cable even though being a Bluetooth Transmitter.

#3: Mpow Streambot Mini Bluetooth Receiver

Mpow Streambot Mini is a very small Bluetooth Receiver that offers features like Bluetooth 4.0 and A2DP.

It has a small footprint and weighs around 0.3 ounces (8.5 grams) which makes it very easy to carry.

It has a rectangular design which makes it very convenient to use.

Moreover it also has volume up and down buttons along its side making it easy to increase/decrease volume levels without reaching out for TV remote.

how to connect headphones to TV - Mpow Streambot Mini

Mpow Streambot Mini is very small and lightweight Bluetooth Receiver

The package includes Mpow Streambot Mini Bluetooth Receiver, Micro-USB Cable, 3.5mm dual pin adapter and user manual.

Mpow Streambot Mini has range of 10 meters, boasts battery life of 10 hours and takes upto 1.5 hours to fully charge via provided micro- USB cable.

Moreover you can also connect it to your car stereo and stream music via your cellphone or tablet.


Watching movies on your HDTV isn’t always about blasting your surround sound Soundbar or big Speakers and not letting your neighbors sleep.

It can also be a connection that only you and your TV could have; that is provided by headphones.

In this current age, nothing is impossible and you can enjoy all sorts of fun and features if you know how to use the right tools.

Moreover it will also make you look cool and your family members would also Thank You for not being selfish and disturbing them; so that you could watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

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Thank You! Have a great day ahead.