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Havit M22 Review | Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker under $50 (2022)

Back in mid 90’s and early 2000’s:

Boom boxes were a rage altogether!

With their heavy sound but carry-able size, you could take them with you and play loud sound wherever you want.

Boom Boxes are no more manufactured as of now, however, if you still want to get a taste of it, I present to you Havit M22 Review.

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Havit M22, though comparatively smaller than an average boom box, is quite big enough for an average Bluetooth Speaker Size.

Havit M22 - Comparison to Portronics Posh 2

As you can see, the Havit M22 is 4 times as large as my primary Bluetooth Speaker, and it’s not just large; the M22 has a big sound too.

Hence without wasting much time, let’s jump into the official review of Havit M22 and get to know it a little bit better this beast of a speaker.

Shall we?

Havit M22 Review

Unboxing and First Impression

For the size, the Havit M22 box is as big as it can get and weighs upwards of 2 pounds.

Since the parcel came straightaway from China, it was sort of beat up from the sides, and it’s expected; compared to packages I’ve received earlier.

Havit M22 - Bluetooth Speaker Box

Once the box is opened, you are greeted with a large zippered carrying hard case that houses the Bluetooth Speaker and few extra accessories as well, which we’ll talk about soon.

The case to my surprise is very well built as well, surely you can trust the Bluetooth Speaker with its case as it’s of top notch quality.

Havit M22 - Bluetooth Speaker Case

Aftermarket, this case in itself may cost around $15 to procure, with fantastic zipper and better quality material on the inside.

If I don’t stop myself, I could write another review of the case as well.

Moving on, the package also includes: a USB to micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm Aux cable and instruction manual, which I suggest you read before operating the speaker.

Havit M22 - Package Contents

Enough of the accessories, now let’s move on to the juicer part of the review i.e. the Havit M22 Bluetooth Speaker itself.


Built Quality and Overview

At first, holding the speaker, one can easily tell that this speaker is built like a tank and I’d give a big round of applause to Havit for making it happen.

The front and back of this Wireless Speaker are built with solid metal plates, while the other sides: left, right, top and bottom are covered with 7mm of rugged rubber, which will surely protect the speaker from accidental falls and everyday wear and tear.

Hence that’s the reason why this speaker weighs at 971 grams.

Only once you hold this speaker, you’ll realize the Havit M22 is a serious business and nothing to be messed around with.

At the top, it also has this heavily braided nylon cable that makes it easy to carry the speaker around, just like a handle.

The top of the speaker has four buttons: Volume Up, Volume Down, Power On/Off and Play/Pause.

However only the Volume buttons are marked, while the other two aren’t, making it hard to make out between them at a distance or during night. However you can identify them only upon close inspection.

Havit M22 - Ports

The right side of the speaker features an opening that houses a micro-USB port to charge the speaker, a micro-SD card slot to play songs via it, AUX-in port to play music via AUX cable and full size USB port so as to lend itself as a power bank and charge other devices.

Havit M22’s top right side features a LED light that changes colors as per source:

  • 1
    A continuous blinking Blue light indicates that the speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode
  • 2
    Blue light blinking after 5 seconds interval indicates that the speaker is connected to a Bluetooth device
  • 3
    Right light indicated, the speaker is connected via AUX port
  • 4
    Whereas, when a memory card is inserted, Purple light is displayed

The best thing is that the speaker can detect which input source it is connected too, however if for some cases you’re using all three input source, you can press the Power button to toggle between different input sources.



With sound output of 20W, this speaker is fairly loud to fill a medium sized room and a little more.

However at its loudest, the volume does start to distort and you can easily notice it while sitting close to it, whereas at a distance it is barely noticeable.

The Havit M22, performs its best at low and medium volume level, where you can reasonably notice the bass dropping in and the treble starts to kick in noticeably as you raise the volume.

Hence without much saying, this speaker is mostly for bass lovers and for people who listen to Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Pop music; however to my surprise I even liked playing rock songs on it.

With a slight pumping bass in rock songs, you can easily hear the bass lines and drums in more prominent way.

Havit M22 - Best Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

As I mentioned earlier, the rubberized covering on 4 sides of the speaker, it helps in absorbing unwanted noise, prevents the speaker from moving during rumbling of bass and is IPX5 certified, which means it has waterproof and shock-absorbing design.

Inside it, the Havit M22 features a 5000 mAh battery that can power the speaker for a straight 16 hours of continuous music, whereas as mentioned earlier, you can use the internal battery as a power bank to charge other devices when needed.

Considering its size, it’s not portable in the literally sense, hence it wouldn’t find a place in my backpack during long journey. Even the company doesn’t claims it to be a portable Bluetooth speaker and calls it Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker instead.

Although, I have 2.0 channel computer speakers, I’ve replaced them with the Havit M22 and use it as my primary computer speaker that does offer better sound quality and wireless connectivity as well.

Moreover it makes up to be a great companion, if you have a house party at your friend’s home, you can take this speaker and enjoy boom box like sound quality and loudness.



For the two weeks, I’ve spend using this speaker, there is not a single con I’ve noticed while using it.

The music is right, you have 3 input sources: Bluetooth, AUX and Memory Card.

Whereas, I didn’t even have to charge the speaker once; while using it for these two weeks, which shows that it’s a legit performer and trouble saver.

Compared to my smaller Bluetooth speaker, which has 1000mAh battery, I have to charge it every 2-3 days, with a hour and half of listening every day.

If you are rough user of electronics, like me, you surely need this rugged speaker that will last long as you wish it to be.

That’s all for the review of Havit M22 I have to offer, if you do liked reading the review, please consider sharing this article with your friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Have a great day ahead!