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Best Record Player Under $100 (2022 Reviews)

Record players, or turntables, have been getting a resurgence as of late. Although there are endless options for you to stream music online now, increasingly, people are also becoming more sophisticated in their music tastes and paying more attention to things like audio quality. Because record players play music in its pure analog format, what you hear is closer in sound to what you would be hearing live than if you were to listen to digital reproductions of the sound wave. They are also a fantastic addition to your room because of its sleek or retro design. But while collecting vinyls is a great hobby to get into, most people also know that it may be expensive to buy a quality record player while continuously being on the hunt for the records that you want. Companies are now responding to this demand by manufacturing and selling budget record players at reasonable prices while still ensuring that you get the most out of your new record player.

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Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door with something that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll understand why audiophiles are obsessed with record players and quickly become one of those people who are always popping into record or vintage stores. To make the process easier for you as you search for the best record player for your budget, we’ve gone ahead and put together our 2020 picks for the best record player under $100. Take a look below to get started on your audiophile journey with vinyls!

 Our Favorite Record Players Under $100 In 2020

  1. Byron Statics Turntable Vintage Record Player Portable Vinyl Player Nostalgic Built in 2 Stereo Speakers 3 Speeds Replacement Needle DC in Standard RCA Headphones Outputs

This record player from Byron Statics is a stylish addition that doesn’t break the bank, while still providing you with all the functionality that you would expect from a turntable. It’s a great combination of a retro design with modern functionality, all in a portable briefcase. It comes with two stereo front-facing speakers, but you can also hook it up to your preferred home stereo or speakers through the RCA or AUX jacks on the control panel. There’s no Bluetooth connectivity, unfortunately, but at this price point this is a great option for you. You get the added bonus of being able to play three speeds, for those who are fans of old jazz vinyls, and you can use both 7” and 12” records. We like this because it’s a great introductory model for people who are just beginning to get into turntables because of how user-friendly it is. One reviewer commented that they’re “I’m absolutely surprised and delighted! The sound is really not bad – handles Pink Floyd and La Traviata at full volume without distortion! It’s portable, easy to use and I’m not looking for anything else now, I’m perfectly happy with this!!”

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  1. ION Audio MAX LP Black, Three Speed Vinyl Conversion Turntable with Stereo Speakers, USB Output to Convert Vinyl Records to Digital Files and Standard RCA & Headphone Outputs

Another aesthetic option, the ION Audio MAX LP looks more modern, with a wood turntable and a clear dust cover. The attention to details is what makes this such a great option on the market for people who are more budget conscious. The back of the turntable has an AUX input jack, RCA output ports, and a USB port that comes with ION’s own converting software so that you can easily convert the audio from your favorite vinyls to an mp3 format. The front of the record player has two built-in stereo speakers to deliver punchy, crystal clear sound from the turntable itself. The only downside is that it’s a little tricky to get the belt aligned, and it has to be perfectly straight, although the felt slip pad can help provide more support to ensure that the record has more friction. Nonetheless, this is a great option for someone who’s looking for high-quality sound and a modern look. As one reviewer commented, “overall this is a great first turntable for a newly converted vinyl fiend. After using my mother’s old record player, it was time to get my own. From a purely aesthetic point of view, this record player gets five stars. It’s a beautiful, modern-looking and sturdy piece of equipment, and I really liked that a full 12 inch LP can fit on the turntable and still be completely covered by the dust-cover. Assembling the dust cover took about 5 seconds. I also like that the dust cover is clear, so I can watch the records spin (something that is oddly entertaining and soothing).”

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  1. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-RD Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Red, Hi-Fi, 2 Speed, Dust Cover, Anti-Resonance, Die-Cast Aluminum Platter

Audio-Technica is a huge name for audiophiles and they deliver with this turntable that you can get for just under $100. You get the incredible, full-bodied Hi-Fi sound that Audio-Technica is known for and its design is sleek and modern. It will be a great addition to your living room or office without taking up too much room. This turntable is capable of phono and RCA outputs, so it can easily connect to any set-up that you might have already. It is belt-drive with fully automated operation with start, stop, and tone-arm lift buttons so that even the most inexperienced individuals will have no problem using this, while those familiar with record players will appreciate how well-designed it is. One reviewer raved, “the Audio Technica LP60x is a fantastic turntable, especially for anybody looking to get into collecting and playing records! At the price it’s unmatched, for it not only looks great, but produces an amazing sound as well! The redesign gives it a much more modern/ sleek finish than its predecessor, done by slight variations that together make the turntable look comparable to the 400$ counterparts on the market when on a stand.”

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  1. Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center, Mahogany

Topping our list for sound quality and aesthetics is the Victrola 6-in-1 Classic turntable. One look at this and you’ll see why this is consistently at the top of lists for budget record players. You can play 33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPMs on this, which ensures that you can spin any of the popular record formats, but you can also switch over to the radio if you want that option. You also have the option to play your music through the AUX line or Bluetooth, CDs, and cassettes. For audiophiles who want a dedicated unit that can play everything that you might have in your audio arsenal, this is the record player for you. The Victrola Classic is definitely designed to maintain the aesthetic and feel of retro turntables, and only has a manual tone arm or an automatic return. One reviewer commented that “needless to say, I am in heaven. So far, none of my albums displays signs of age or warping and they spent a lot of time stacked in attics. The turntable is most adequate and I am delighted by the simple and easy to understand special offerings.”

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