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7 Best Mic for Recording Acoustic Guitar (2022 Reviews)

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Are you a guitarist?

Looking to record something that you have composed on acoustic guitar?

Microphones can be used to record the quality sound even with a larger diaphragm or a smaller one.

Many modern microphones these days come with USB connectivity which is great for beginners to record their acoustic guitar while for professionals there's microphone with XLR connectivity.

To run a XLR microphone you need a 48V Phantom Power to run the mic and transfer the sound into a preamp.

Many microphones give you the utmost quality while recording the acoustic guitar when used in a soundproof surrounding.

That being said, the confusion starts with the question:

"If I have to buy a Microphone, how do I know which is the best one?"


"How am I supposed to select one out of the many?”

Most of us get confused as we keep on browsing about the Microphones.

To take the confusion away, I've listed the top 7 best mics for recording acoustic guitar which will make recording an easier and neat experience for you allowing you to flaunt your guitar recording or post them on the different platforms.

Are you ready?

Have a look!


Samson Meteor

Audio Technica ATR2500

Shure MV88

MXL V67i



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7 Best Microphone for Recording Acoustic Guitar

#7: Samson Meteor

A universal solution for recording music; this best mic for recording acoustic guitar is ideal to use with iChat, Skype or any other voice recognition software.

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Samson Meteor - Acoustic guitar microphone

You can make astounding recordings using this mic as it is perfect for instrumentals, podcasts and of course the voice-overs.

It has a Stereo headphone volume knob and output that gives you complete control.

It allows you to plug into the computer or iPad for larger sound and monitoring. Meteor Mic has a larger diaphragm and therefore is the best condenser mic for acoustic guitar.

Samson Meteor - best microphone for acoustic guitar and vocals

Talking about the exterior, it has a chrome body with a fold-leg design that goes well when you hold it. You can adjust the position based on the purpose if it's guitar or vocals.

The best part is that you can achieve audio privacy while you are in a video conference with the help of mute switch and you don't need any external drivers to record it. 

Samson manufactured an integrated mic which is compatible with all audio workstations.

"Especially if you're a singer/band looking for a jam session to get details of every note, Meteor Mic is most recommended as it captures even the most pristine vocals along with instruments."


#6: Audio-Technica ATR2500

If you're a person who is interested in recording at home studios and fields, you might as well need a mic which is best suited for podcasting, voice-overs.

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Audio Technica ATR2500 -best condenser mic for acoustic guitar

The Audio-Technica ATR2500 is one such best way to mic an acoustic guitar. It functions with all kinds of recording software and thanks to the large diaphragm condenser for that.

It has an analog-digital converter for fidelity and a headphone output jack where you can monitor and control your audio levels.

Audio-Technica is the winner of many awards in the audio industry as it manufactures its products based on durability, functionality, feasibility and price/performance index.

Audio Technica ATR2500 - acoustic guitar microphone pickup

Therefore, you can take this mic for recording studios, broadcast sessions, live tours, for using them in corporate events, government organizations, the house of worship events, celebration venues, etc.

They are most preferred by critical government events like the U.S House of Representatives which speak about their quality. 

Want some more?

They are even used at the Grammy Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremonies and what not!

"Are you a highly musical person? Get this best mic for recording acoustic guitar right now."


#5: Shure MV88

Legendary performances tend to happen anywhere and sometimes when you don't plan them.

Being the stylish, compact and solid solution; this mic is accessible and user-friendly with seamless integration.

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Shure MV88 - best microphone for recording acoustic guitar

Talking about its features, it offers two patterns (bi-directional and cardioid) hence why it gives the best class audio.

It has got a clear and phase-perfect architecture that provide 5 DSP modes where Acoustic Guitar is one of them.

Shure MV88 - best small diaphragm condenser microphone

The other modes include speech, flat, loud and singing. It means if you suddenly want to record a vocal after recording the guitar, you can simply switch the mode for optimal output.

It has an innovative hinge design which supports multiple angles for recording and therefore, you can always experiment. 

"It has raw adjustments, giant stereo width and a compression limitation making it more demanding for recording instruments."


#4: MXL V67i

Do you love old-school designed mic?

Are you interested in buying a vintage model microphone?

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MXL V67i - best mic for live acoustic guitar

This classic mic which is a beautifully designed in green with gold grill has advantages of all the leading audio technology; while it still provides the dignity to you need when you hold it.

MXL being the only independent manufacturing company has this mic designed to be bright and warm.

This best small diaphragm condenser mic has cardioid pattern but however is extremely sensitive to the arriving frontal sound waves.

MXL V67i - best small diaphragm condenser microphone

There are no hard rules for positioning this mic to get the best sound as it works well in all positions and you can experiment with it as many times as you want. 

In case if you're an enthusiast who's looking to build a platform through live shows, remember that each tiny thing matters and this MXL mic is going to be a great addition to your setup.

"Not only it is a high-performance audio product, but also highly recommended for professionals who are looking for winning solutions for the best audio irrespective of the purpose."


#3: Rode NT-USB

Are you looking for a multi-platform compatible microphone?

This best microphone for acoustic guitar is what you should buy for recording the guitar sounds, vocals, and other musical performances as well.

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Rode NT-USB - best instrument mic

It is ideal for voice-over and podcasting. This best acoustic guitar microphone is compatible with recording apps on Mac and Windows.

It works with Apple iPad as well; if you're using the RODE Rec app or GarageBand. However, if you are going to use an iPad; you need to find a USB adapter to connect it.

It offers functionality through monitoring input; besides the dials to adjust levels and mix between input and iPad audio.

Rode NT-USB - best way to mic an acoustic guitar

The 3.5mm headphone jack with zero-latency stereo is an exclusive feature. It has a pop filter that can minimize the harsh sounds like the B's, T's or P's while singing. 

It comes with a mic mount and a tripod stand to comfortably sit on the table top. 

"Rode NT-USB is a professional’s podcasting mic that works great as an instrument or vocal mic as well. It’s ease-of-use, USB connectivity and included accessories, make it the best condenser recording mic at a reasonable price."


#2: Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Are you a fan of advanced technology?

Looking for the best mic for live acoustic guitar?

Yeti is the most versatile microphone available in the market with three different pattern settings.

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Blue Yeti -best microphone for acoustic guitar and vocals

It is an ultimate tool to be used when connected to a computer directly. This specific microphone comes in white finish and brings a royal outlook while using it.

It adds energy along with style of your broadcasting experience because you can capture a sound with almost crystal clear clarity.

It features an innovative array of three capsules with three unique patterns. Mysteriously; it has a bidirectional pattern included with constant monitoring, controls for volume.

Blue Yeti -best acoustic guitar mic for recording

You can use this acoustic guitar microphone pickup by plugging it in the PC with Windows 8, 8.1, 7, XP or Vista; Mac OSX (Higher than 10.4.11).

This microphone is ideal to use with musical instruments other than the guitar, for recording vocals, voice-overs, sophisticated podcasting, live shows, conference calls, field recordings and also for interviews as well.

"In case if you're looking for an optimal microphone which is highly functional and is workable at a reasonable price, buy this best instrument mic as soon as possible."


#1: AKG P420

Looking for a light microphone which is handy and comfortable?

Well, the AKG P420 is a one-inch dual diaphragm microphone which is perfectly fit for recording the acoustic guitar and as well as for singing.

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akg p420 - Acoustic guitar microphone

It has three different polar patterns that can be selected according to the sound to acquire the perfect setting.

Few additional features that make it the best microphone for acoustic guitar and vocals include the transformerless output and the low noise electronics.

Both of them together contribute to the high dynamic range of the sound. There is the provision of the switchable attenuator that can silence the sound a bit when you are using the SPL apps up to say 155 dB.

AKG P420 - best microphone for acoustic guitar

This best condenser mic for acoustic guitar; features dual-design that facilitates Omni, Cardioid and figure 8 patterns.

It has legendary sound quality, and it includes a metal case, shock mount equipped with 20dB switch pad. It has a bass cut filter that minimizes unwanted frequencies and wind noises.

"Altogether, it is the best use for live performances as it has a genuine sound quality, where you want the audience to pay maximum attention to you."