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5 Best Budget DJ Headphones | 2022 Cheap Headphones Guide

Best Headphones for DJing - Inpost image

Let me guess.

You are an aspiring DJ and clearly looking for Best Headphones for DJing out there.

Aren't you?

Well don't worry as we've got you covered and show you handpicked list of Best DJ Headphones that are even used by some of your favorite and popular DJs.

However since you're starting out I know how much budget is important to you...

...and hence I've kept that in mind and created the list accordingly, so with spare money you can buy other important accessories.

So shall we start?

Are you ready? Let's go.

Top 5 Best Budget DJ Headphones


Behringer HPX6000

AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Edition

Ultrasone HFI-580


Pioneer HDJ 2000K


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#5: Behringer HPX6000

Behringer is a renowned brand when it comes to DJ headphones and audio equipment. The brand has been specifically known for producing low-priced quality products for people who’re on a budget.

Behringer HPX6000 is another one of those headphones that carries the same philosophy and provides us a heavily affordable DJ headphone.

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Behringer HPX6000 - Best Headphones for DJing

Gone is the cheap plastic chrome design, with HPX6000 the brand has come along with an entirely blacked out look and rubberized earcup padding.

Though the built is entirely plastic, however it’s really strong; especially the hinges which have been given more notice by Behringer as they’re the one that often break.

The box in which it comes with contains the headphones, a black soft carrying pouch, a long coiled cable and 6.3mm adapter.

Even for such a low price, the company is generous enough to provide a detachable cable with a twist and lock design.

Behringer HPX6000 - Top rated DJ headphones

It holds inside a big 50mm drivers that are capable of providing larger frequencies of sound with utmost clarity.

Earcups on these have a premium rubberized faux leather finish which gives it a modern and pricier look; the earcups swivel by 90 degrees and the headphones can lay flat on ground. Even the entire headphone is collapsible which helps in storage and travel. 

"For the asking of Behringer HPX6000, you just cannot get a better deal than this!"
Best Headphones for DJing

#4: AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Edition

I am not a fan of AIAIAI Headphones, however they have a serious fan following, and popular among many DJ’s and people looking for eccentric headphones.

However the AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Edition is one of a looker due to its Neon Wires.

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AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Edition - Best Headphones for DJing

Still I do not like the matte black finish on these, however it’s just my personal opinion, and yours can be different.

The box in which it comes with is very premium and includes a set of coiled Neon colored detachable cable, premium velvet carry pouch and an extra set of earpads.

These are an on-ear headphones hence they sit tight on your ears but the noise isolation isn’t as good compared to Over-ear counterparts.

Neon highlights given to wires that go from ear cans into the headband give it a funky and nice look. Also the neon colored coiled detachable cable makes them stand out in terms of eye catchiness.

AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Edition - Top Rated DJ Headphones

The best part about AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Edition is its weight of just 190 grams making these extremely lightweight.

However you do not get any kind of swivel or collapsible design for the price this headphone sits at. 

"If you want best headphones for DJing that’s lightweight, eye catchy and comes from a premium brand... Why look any further than AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Edition?"
Best Headphones for DJing

#3: Ultrasone HFI-580

Ultrasone is a brand that resonates with quality sound headphones most of which are meant for DJ’s and hence it’s here in our list of Best Headphones for DJing.

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Ultrasone HFI 580 - Best Headphones for DJing

Out of the box it comes along with a long non-detachable straight cable, soft carrying pouch, and 6.3mm adapter... that’s it.

Since this DJ headphone has been out for a very long time, you don’t get functionality like detachable cable even for a sub $100 headphone.

The headphone is built entirely out of plastic with collapsible design. Earcups back features a shiny metallic finish with Ultrasone logo etched onto it.

Ultrasone HFI-580 are strictly meant for DJ’s and have a bass heavy sound signature. Forget them if you want these for studio monitoring even if the looks scream the same.

To run these, you do not need a headphone amp... since the impedance is just 32 Ohms however you may feel neck pain after prolonged use since it weighs close to 280 grams.

Ultrasone HFI 580 - Top rated DJ Headphones

Ultrasone claims that it uses it’s S-Logic Natural Surround Sound Technology that helps them sound extremely great.

"It is one of the most recommended headphones by any DJ and hence the HFi-580 got its place in our list of Best Headphones for DJing."

Best Headphones for DJing

#2: AKG K67 by DJ Tiesto

If you know a little bit about quality headphone brands, then you surely would have heard about this audio company called as AKG.

The company has been standing on its feet for a very long time and has made plently of innovation in the audio equipment field.

Following leads of Monster and Beats by Dre, AKG has also launched its line of headphone designed by popular music artists.

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AKG K67 by DJ Tiesto - Best Headphones for DJing

AKG K67 is the one designed by DJ Tiesto and hence it surely is the Best Headphones for DJing.

Since the name is attached to such a popular DJ, the design and built quality on these is at par.

It’s also pretty lightweight weighing at only 200 grams... allowing it to be worn for a longer period of time without neck and shoulder strain.

AKG K67 by DJ Tiesto - Top Rated DJ Headphones

Specifications wise we have 40mm drivers which have impedance of 32 Ohms, producing frequency ranging between 16 – 24000 Hz.

Though the fit is tight, it’s been made so to provide noise isolation during heavy sound pressure levels in Discos and House Parties.

"For the DJ in you who wants to look stylish, AKG K67 are an excellent pair of cans that will bring life to the party wherever you go."

Best Headphones for DJing

#1: Pioneer HDJ 2000K

Thanks for sharing the article unlocking the headphone on #1 position.

By now you know which headphone it is.

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Pioneer HDJ 2000K - Best Headphones for DJing

Pioneer is a well-known brand that has some popular car-audio and other audio equipments under its name.

With a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from 128 reviews, you can ultimately judge how popular and quality headphones these are.

Just like the price,  these come in a premium box which features the headphone itself along with Carry Pouch, detachable Coiled Cable and 6.3mm Adapter.

However Pioneer uses a proprietary connector to connect the cable and headphone which features a lock design, meaning the wires don’t come off with an immediate push here and there.

Pioneer HDJ 2000K - Top Rated DJ Headphones

The best part about Pioneer HDJ 2000K is its built quality. The headband is made of up aluminum alloy giving it a strong and lighter feel at the same time which is padded with faux leather.

Earcups have memory foam padding which make them very comfortable to wear for a very long time. Earcups have swivel as well as collapsible design.

My last words would be... if you want ‘The’ Best Headphones for DJing, just don’t look any further than Pioneer HDJ 2000K.

Best Headphones for DJing

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Headphones for DJing

#1: Weight

DJing sessions run for a very long time.

In such a scenario getting neck strain is the worst thing you can expect.

Hence it is recommended to get not only the Best Headphones for DJing but also something that is lightweight at the same time. 

#2: Portability

Wherever the DJ goes, his headphone goes.

Hence it is very important for headphones to have a collapsible design which can be folded, stored in a pouch and carried wherever you go.

Hence you might need to buy a hard shell carry case to protect your gem of headphone.

​#3: Durability

As I said earlier, DJing sessions go for a very long time, which results them getting soaked in sweat.

Sometimes you might also spill water on it or getting it dipped in juice or even fall down multiple times.

Hence they need to work all the time, without giving up on you.

#4: Sound and Bass

Since DJs deal with bass heavy songs, getting a headphone with flat frequency response is the worst thing that can happen to you.

You need headphones that have plenty of Bass response.