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7 Best Gaming Headset under $100 for PS4 & XBox One (Updated 2022)

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Whether it is competing against someone or playing together as a team, playing on a PS4 or Xbox One, or other consoles:

Gaming Headsets can make it feel like you are really involved...

...especially games that are in the first person perspective.

Having a headset to play these games isn’t always necessary, but it is certainly going to enhance your enjoyment of them.

If you’ve made up your mind to buy one; then this guide about Best Gaming Headset under $100 is just for you.

There are literally hundreds on the market for you to choose from, that are great headsets for PS4, X Box or other consoles but finding one that is of a decent quality, which offers you value for your money can be extra tricky.

This guide is intended to help you find the best gaming headphones under $100.

Choose a set that gives you high performance but at a price that is reasonable, as some sets can set you back hundreds of dollars.

Note: Gaming Headset aren't an ideal pair of cans for listening music, if you're also looking for great headphones for listening music then click here or watching movies then click here.

Have a look at the criteria discussed in this guide and try to find a headset that will suit your needs and enhance your playing experience.

Best Gaming Headset under $100 for PS4 and XBox One

#7: Sades 908

These headphones offers a totally immersive 360° sound that gives you a massive advantage whilst gaming. It gives you the ability to accurately hear what you can’t see.

This is due to its Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound System and means that it could be the best PS4 headset under $100.

This headset is one of the sturdiest headsets available on the market and along with durability you get maximum comfort as well.

Sades 908 - Best PC Headset under $100

The headband is soft and adaptable and the ear cups are manufactured from soft sport cloth. The ear cups are cushioned and can be swiveled so that they can be personalized to fit your head.

Along with an overall lightweight build, this guarantees hours of pain free gaming.

The boom mic is completely retractable but when being used is omnidirectional and fully flexible, allowing you to position it in whichever direction and picks up clear sound.

However the Sades 908's mic being omnidirectional it can pick all kind of sound like moving of chair or opening of doors.

Sades 908 - Best Headsets under $100

The headset has a striking design with indicator lights that change, depending on how you are using it. The sound controls are easily accessible on the cable with volume and mute controls at your fingertips.

This model comes with a gold plated USB plug and the 40mm drivers are made with a high flux neodymium magnet material, which means they pack power but are also built to last.



"If someone needs a Gaming Headset under budget that will stand from rest of the crowd even in dark, the Sades 908 is a popular choice."


#6: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22

Turtle Beach is a company that has certainly made a lasting impact on pro gaming with their headsets.

This model is one of a line of headsets that are licensed by Major League Gaming. This model includes an in-line amplifier, is compatible with many platforms and runs with 50mm drivers.

The whole bundle available features the headset itself, a quick start guide, the cables and the in-line amplifier.

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 - Best Wireless Gaming Headset under $100

The cables included are huge, allowing you plenty of room to walk about whilst gaming.

The in-line amplifier in Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 features very handy controls for the bass and treble as well as the mic switch, the latter also letting you use the headset to answer calls if using it with your mobile phone. 

It can also let you easily mute the microphone completely if required.

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Every option you choose has a different colored LED light which makes knowing what you’ve chosen easy to understand.

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 - Best XBOX 360 Headset under $100

The easily accessible volume controls allow you to adjust the bass and treble to your own preference of staggering lows and crisp, clean highs.

The headset comes with a feature called ‘Dynamic Chat Boost’ which has the advantage of automatically increasing the volume of your voice in an intense gaming situation.

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An example of this would be a game with lot of background explosions, which may make it difficult to distinguish voices.



"Turtle Beach is a popular brand and one of the best when it comes to gaming, and its product PX22 stands out in every segment and continues the brand's legacy."


#5: Corsair Gaming VOID

These just sneak into the category of the best wireless gaming headset under $100.

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Wireless headsets minimize the hassle of wires and this one gives you the freedom to wander up to 40 feet away from the source of the sound.

They also have a battery that lasts in excess of 16 hours, crucial for those long gaming sessions.

Corsair Gaming VOID - Best PS4 Headset under $100

This model features a “True Form” system; this means that the ear cups aren’t round (your ear isn’t!) but made to fit your ear perfectly.

It inturn gives you the opportunity to embark on a mammoth gaming session whilst the memory foam ear pads ensure that you aren’t going to need to have a break due to any discomfort.

Corsair Gaming VOID is fully compatible across the gaming board. The USB Dolby headphone adaptor lets you enjoy proper Dolby 7.1 surround sound on your PC and makes these headphones possibly the best 7.1 USB gaming headset under $100 available.

Corsair Gaming VOID - Best PC Headset under $100

As well as connecting seamlessly to a PC you will also find that they connect to PS4, Xbox and practically any other mobile or handheld gaming device. 

Highly efficient 50mm drivers create heart thumping low bass as well as screamingly high trebles, the range is staggering.

The microphone produces a crystal clear sound and completely cancels out any possible background noise.

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This ensures that players can concentrate on your voice, and not be able to hear what may be going on in the background.



"Corsair Gaming VOID is as stylish as any gaming headset under $100 get, for the people who are quick to adopt modern design, this one is meant for you."


#4: Steelseries Siberia V2

If you are considering the best PC headset under $100; then these could be the headphones for you, as they are fully compatible with any PC that you could need them for.

The Siberia V2 line in headphones has been around for a long time, over ten years as a gaming headset synonymous with the PC in fact.

The brand is one of the most well known amongst professional and amateur gamers alike and they have been used in living rooms and full on tournament settings for all of that time.

Steelseries Siberia V2 - Amazing gaming headsets

The closed ear headphones provide not only total immersion, but also protect you from off putting sounds coming from the real world.

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The comfort of the Siberia line of headsets is one of its main selling points.

The headband spreads the weight of the headset over its entirety, making sure that there are no pressure points.

Some tournament grade headsets end up focusing all of their weight on a single pressure point, which can be quite painful over a long period of gaming.

The lightweight but sturdy build on this model not only helps with comfort but also practically guarantees durability.

Steelseries Siberia V2 - Best Gaming Headset under $60

Gamers like the fact that you can hear your enemy’s footsteps approaching with pin point accuracy and easily decipher the direction where they are coming from.

This model features 50mm Steelseries speaker drivers that gives you crystal clear and full range.

The microphone is a retractable, not only does this make sense if using the headphones to listen to audio only, it also means that it is kept safe during travel between friend’s houses or tournaments.

The volume control is integrated and is placed for ease of use on the cord.



"If there's any Gaming Headphone that has stood the test of times, then it has to be Steelseries Siberia V2, launched way back in 2009, it's still a strong Gaming Headset competitor."


#3: Razer Kraken Pro V2

These headsets are at the less expensive end of the scale and could often be described in lists about the best gaming headset under $60.

Providing fantastic audio immersion, these headphones have 50mm custom tuned drivers which deliver noticeably rich audio, giving you both balanced in game sound as well as crystal clear communication possibilities.

You’ll feel at the centre of any battleground whilst being able to hear individual instructions coming from any direction.

Razer Kraken 7.1 - Best USB Gaming Headset under $100

The ear cushions on Razer Kraken Pro V2 are interchangeable, providing maximum opportunity for comfort as well as fully covering the ears for perfect sound isolation.

It comes with circular shaped ear cushions but can be changed for oval shaped ones, which allows them to comfortably fit, regardless of the individual shape of your ear.

The featured microphone is unidirectional which means that the proximity to your mouth can be altered to produce the clearest possible speech for you to be able to communicate with teammates.

Razer Kraken 7.1 - best pc gaming headset under 100

You get a fully retractable microphone, hidden away in the left ear cup when not needed, for when you are using the headset to listen to music for example.

The volume can be turned up or down or even muted using a handy mic control on the adapter cable.

This stops you from having to fiddle about on your console or PC to adjust the volume, which might mean you end up taking your eyes off of the game at just that vital moment.



"Maximum comfort is the watch word of Razer Kraken Pro V2 due to its heavy padding which is a great choice if you plan on extra long gaming sessions."


#2: Steelseries Artic 5

These headphones come supplied with a number of features that make you feel that you have purchased a much higher end product.

Steelseries Arctic 5's professional feel and sleek look; is complemented by the fashionable minimalist feel of the packaging and instructions that come with them.

This particular model of Steelseries headphones actually contains exactly the same set of speaker drivers that can be found in their top models usually priced at over $300.

Steelseries Arctis 3 - best sound quality headphones under 100

What they call the ‘S1 Speaker Drivers’ include that fact that they produce landscapes, which are balanced as well as detailed along with an incredibly low level of distortion.

The thing that separates an ordinary pair of headphones from a gaming headset is of course the microphone.

In many cases, manufacturers put all of their efforts into making a quality set of headphones but pay very little attention to the quality of the microphone.

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In the case of this headset it’s the other way round. Steelseries approach this with their ‘Clearcast Microphone’. This is a bidirectional microphone that is able to actively reject the noise that you do not want it to pick up.

Steelseries Arctic 5 - best wireless gaming headset under 100

It will only pick up the noise from your mouth and reject noise coming from the sides.

These headphones feature a Ski Goggle Headband, the very name in itself suggests something comfortable enough to be worn all day.

The athletics inspired elastic fabric fits across your head and ensures that weight is distributed evenly, effectively eliminating any possible pressure points that may otherwise occur.

Steelseries Artic 5 is compatible with all PCs, Macs, Mobiles and major gaming systems.



"Steelseries Arctic 5 is a modern and state-of-the-art gaming headset that is lightweight and sturdy as well."


#1: HyperX Cloud II

This headset is a very flexible option and a good place to start considering the best headset under $100.

It is a headset designed to fit perfectly into anyone’s gaming requirements, regardless of the system they are using, the game they are playing or the style in which they play it.

These headsets provide hours of playing time without getting a sore head.

HyperX Cloud II - most comfortable headphones under $100

They feature memory foam ear cushions along with a padded headband covered in a leatherette material. The manufacturers are so confident in the comfort of their headsets that they have trademarked the memory foam they use.

Headsets need to withstand plenty of daily knocks and blows and the HyperX Cloud II are designed with this in mind.

The frame is made with solid and long lasting aluminum, which will keep these headsets in perfect shape for years to come.

HyperX Cloud II - best headset for xbox one under $100

The drivers within these headphones measure 53mm that allows to immerse yourself in a game and enjoy the sheer quality of the sound that they produce.

The headphones are ‘Teamspeak Certified’, which is a guarantee of crisp, excellent sound quality whilst gaming and when speaking using chat apps such as Skype. Audible echoes and background noise are completely cancelled out.

Available in a range of colors and with a detachable microphone, these headsets are also compatible with every system you will need to use them with.



"Large Drivers, Removable Mic, Big & Extra Earcups, and option to use Digital and Analog connection preferably makes the HyperX Cloud II the #1 choice in our list of Best Gaming Headset under $100."



Headsets are the ultimate accessory to turn a run of the mill game into a fully immersive experience.

You need a headset that will minimize or virtually extinguish all of the sounds around you, but whilst giving you a crystal clear speaking voice that can be used to control what is going on on the screen, as well as talking clearly to other players.

Make sure you take the time to research all of the products that are on offer, you want to be totally amazed by your purchase. You want to make sure they are the best headset for PS4 or X Box One before you buy them.

Have a look at the features and decide exactly what you expect from a gaming headset.

If you want a headset for more than gaming then make sure it is compatible across the board, with PCs, Macs, all mobiles , etc.

If you intend to listen to a lot of music with it, it might be worth considering if you need a retractable or totally removable mic?

Wireless capability is also another important consideration.

How far away from your visual device do you want to sit, is the cable going to be long enough or are you one of those people who can’t stand the sight of cables and wants everything to be wireless?

The only thing that’s certain is, if you choose a device from the list above then you won’t be disappointed in the quality.