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Best Dash Cams For Trucks and Uber Drivers (2022 Reviews)

Dash cams may be an extra investment for the average driver, but for those who make their living on the road, from truckers to Uber drivers, the added security provided by a dash cam can make a huge difference. Dash cams are useful not only for recording footage while driving, they can also provide an almost 360 degree look at the area around your car, as well as provide night vision views and motion detection services that can help prevent accidents before they happen. But with so many different dash cams available on the market, how can you know you are getting the best option for your money?

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We know your safety is important to you, which is why we’ve gone ahead and researched the best dash cams for truckers and Uber drivers, so you can rest assured you are getting the best option on the market. Without further ado, here are the top 5 best dash cams for truckers and Uber drivers.

Our Favorite Dash Cams For Truckers and Uber Drivers In 2020

  1. TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam Infrared Night Vision Car Driving Recorder FHD Dual 1920x1080P Front and Cabin Dash Camera 2″ 330° Car Camera with Sony Sensor, WDR, Motion Detection for Car Taxi Truck – Click Here To Read Reviews

With both front and cabin dash cams equipped with sound, you can rest well knowing that you have all angles covered, literally. The 330-degree visibility allows for confident parking and better awareness in crowded streets, and the included motion detection allows you to be alerted instantly should something be moving in your blind spots. With a continuous loop memory system that automatically overwrites the oldest video, you can rest easy knowing you won’t run out of storage just when you need it most. And the smart g-sensor automatically locks footage in the case of a collision, so it can be used as evidence in the case of an accident. However, the controls do take some getting used to, as one reviewer notes, “If you’re looking for a front+rear camera at a good price, this is your best bet. However, the controls aren’t super easy to use. It’s not hard, just takes some effort.”

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  1. Dash Cam Car Camera Recorder FHD 1080P Front and Rear Cameras,Driving Loop Recording,2.2 Inch LCD Screen 170°Wide Angle, WDR,Night Vision, G-Sensor, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor – Click Here To Read Reviews

With clear rear and front recording in 1080P clarity, you can rest easy knowing this dash cam has your back (and front). This driving loop recording device includes night vision capabilities, as well as motion detection and parking monitor features, so you can back up with confidence. While this dash cam only offers 170 degree coverage, it includes a g-lock feature that automatically saves and locks footage in the case of a collision, to help protect your vehicle and ensure that justice is served. The included 24-hour motion-sensitive recording software allows you to park your vehicle in confidence, as the night vision cameras will pick up even the smallest movement near your vehicle and record it to prevent hit-and-runs and break ins. “The dash cam is easy to setup and is user friendly. The camera turns on when you turn your car on. The quality of the video is not HD but it’s good for the price. “

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  1. Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision, Dual 1080P Front and Inside, Dash Camera for Cars Uber Truck Taxi – Click Here To Read Reviews

Ideal for Uber drivers looking for added cabin security, this dash cam offers both front and interior cameras, as well as infrared night vision cameras for added security and accuracy. With seamless loop recording and 1080P quality, this discrete dash cam can be used to protect you as well as your customers in the case of a crash or other altercation. Made with easy installation in mind, this compact dash cam is perfect for the dedicated driver who prioritizes safety above all else. As one reviewer notes, “I installed it today, and it is easy to set up in less than 5 minutes. The function also is easy to understand to set up too. My father likes the dual camera that can record inside and outside of his car. The built in battery is enough to record when temporary use without charge.”

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  1. Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam Built-in GPS Car Camera Crosstour 1080P Front and 720P Inside with Parking Monitoring, Infrared Night Vision, Motion Detection, G-Sensor and WDR – Click Here To Read Reviews

Not only does this dual lens dash cam provide both front and interior views of your vehicle, the included GPS monitoring system provides accurate longitude and latitude locations for your vehicle at all times. With included parking monitoring that records 30 seconds of video when it detects motion, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected from unknown scratches and dents no matter where you park. Complete with infrared night vision capabilities, the exterior recording quality of 1080P allows for total capture of both the scenery and traffic around you, while the 720P interior camera allows you to record the interior of your cabin with confidence while you drive, helping keep both you and your passengers safer than ever. As one of the over 1,000 satisfied customers notes, “I drive for ride-share part time and having a dash cam like this gives me comfort and helps to keep passengers on their best behavior. The front and rear cameras deliver crisp images, easy to use and set up and very reasonably priced.”

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  1. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual 1920x1080P Infrared Night Vision Front and Inside Dash Camera, 2.5K 2560x1440P Single Front, 310° Car Camera, 24hr Parking Mode, Motion Sensor, Support 256GB max – Click Here To Read Reviews

The Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam allows you to drive with confidence knowing you are getting the full picture at all times. With a 1920 by 1080P infrared night vision front and inside dash camera, as well as a 2560 by 1440P single front camera, as well as a 256GB maximum memory support, you won’t miss a single pixel while on the road with this dash cam. Made to allow a 310 degree view of your vehicle, and outfitted with the latest in parking and motion sensor technology, this dash cam can provide you that added bit of security no matter where your travels take you, or who joins you along the way. By far, this is the best dash cam available on the market for truckers and Uber drivers, but don’t just take our word for it. As one of the over 1,800 5-star reviewers notes, “I got one for my wife’s car because we’ve had issues with accidents, and now this just takes the guesswork out of the equation if we should have another accident. I liked it so much, I got one for my car. The feature of it turning on automatically as soon as you start the car is great and it powers down when you turn the car off, no hassle trying to remember to turn it on or off or draining your battery.”

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