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Best Boom Mic Stand For The Money (2022 Reviews)

It goes without saying that microphones are essential equipment for performers, whether you’re a singer or a member of a larger band. What often goes neglected, however, are the mic stands that hold the microphones up, in particular boom mic stands. You want something that is sturdy enough to hold your mic without worrying that it will fall on the floor, and also practical enough to give you what you want and need out of your stage set-up. Typical floor mic stands are only able to be adjusted vertically, with the microphone placed at the top. Boom mic stands have an additional, horizontal arm attached to the top of the vertical shaft to give you more range and flexibility in where you position the mic. While some might argue that these are just extra bonus features, they are extremely important components of a stage or a studio setup if you want to be able to set up a mic stand a couple feet away from the actual sound sources.

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But what looks like a simple device can make it more difficult for buyers to identify what works best for them. When you dig into the research, boom mic stands come in all different sizes, heights, boom arm lengths, shapes, and other specs. So if you’re unsure about how to narrow down all the seemingly similar options out there, read on for our picks for the best boom mic stand for your money in 2020. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re looking for a boom mic stand for solo vocal performance or musical instruments where you will need an extendable boom arm.

 Our Favorite Boom Mic Stands in 2020

  1. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

An unlikely but worthy contender, this AmazonBasics tripod is definitely one of the most affordable options out there and can hold its own in terms of durability. This is an entry-level boom mic stand that’s perfect for basic uses. The base platform is sturdy enough to handle the boom arm weight, which comes with a molded plastic counterweight for better horizontal placement, and is compatible with ⅜ to ⅝” adapters. You also have the option to choose between three different styles of clips so that you have a wider range of placement, depending on what you’re looking for, and also has a clip-on cable holder to keep messy cords out of the way. It can become unbalanced if you extend the boom and mic too far away from the core, but if you’re looking for something that is otherwise well-constructed and worth the money, this is the boom mic stand for you. For an idea of how you can use this, one reviewer commented that “I have an eight foot acoustic drop ceiling so height isn’t much of an issue for me. I am using a rode mic go on it, so weight isn’t an issue. I plan on using if for recording announcements, so the portability of it is great. I will be sitting for most of my personal recordings, so all in all the stand meets my requirements and at a reasonable price.”

Amazon Basics Adjustable Boom Height Microphone Stand with Tripod Base, Up to 85.75 Inches - Black
  • Adjustable microphone stand designed to hold a microphone securely in place (microphone clip sold separately) at the height you choose
  • Long boom arm with molded plastic counterweight; adjust to standing height for singing or speaking or seated height for playing an instrument
  • Versatile design folds flat for use as straight mic stand; max height 85.75 inches; base width 21 inches
  • Sturdy steel construction; ultra-light for easy transport
  • Compatible with 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch adapter; clip-on cable holder keeps cords out of the way

  1. OnStage MSA8020 Clamp-On Microphone Boom Arm

If you’re looking for something to supplement an existing mic stand that you love, this OnStage boom mic arm is the perfect complement for you. Although it’s technically not a stand, this clamp-on boom arm allows you to add extra microphones without overcrowding your existing set-up with more equipment. You can easily attach this to your standard floor mic and the Euro-style clutch allows you to easily adjust the angle so that you can place your additional mic wherever you prefer. The top-mount boom arm is around 19” long, giving you a wide range and flexibility in how you want to use it–320 degrees of angle adjustability, to be exact. It’s also extremely secure, as it has a heavy duty, dual rubber-tipped lock screws that will allow it to be clamped on firmly without damaging the finish of your existing stand. For something who’s looking for an extremely affordable option, this is the equipment extra for you. One reviewer raves that “This mic attachment is an incredible addition to keeping things simple & easy breezy. Well worth the $20 whatever dollars I paid. Very, very grateful. If you’re having trouble deciding, I say go for it!”

OnStage MSA8020 Clamp-On Microphone Boom Arm,Black
  • Add extra microphones without overcrowding your space with more stands
  • A clamp-on boom arm is perfect for miking your guitar, ukelele, banjo, drums or other instruments
  • Provides a 19" boom range and 320° of angle adjustability as a secure, easy addition to any mic stand set up
  • Dual rubber tipped lock screws securely attach to most mic stands and will not damage the finish of your stand
  • The heavy-duty clamp will securely attach to any of our microphone stands and most industry standard stands

  1. Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

The Hercules Hideaway boom stand is all about providing you with the features you need to ensure that your performance goes off without a hitch. It has a two in one boom clamp that you can use to quickly adjust both the boom length and the angle at the same time to save time. The boom itself is 30.7 inches while the height can be adjusted between 42 and 94 inches. The tripod base is study and is made from die cast aluminum housing and legs that can fold out and easily pack up, which is perfect when you’re in a rush and need to set things up quickly and not worry about taking additional time to fix your equipment. As an added bonus, this can easily be converted from a boom to a straight stand, giving you extra options if you’re also looking to buy a regular mic stand. As one reviewer noted, “if you are a professional musician, these are worth the extra money.”

Hercules Stands MS533B with 2 Inches 1 Hideaway Boom
  • Convertible Boom/Straight Microphone St with Tripod Base 2-in-1 Hideaway Boom

  1. K&M 21090 Microphone Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm, Zinc Die-Cast Tripod Base with Foldable Legs

Although the K&M 25400 boom mic stand is fairly low-priced, this is definitely a professional grade, industry standard stand. Konig & Meyer is a trusted German brand and has been making extremely high-quality equipment and accessories for musicians for decades. This stand with a telescopic boom has a sturdy, zinc die-cast tripod base with foldable legs that allow for easy set-up and mobility. You can adjust the height of the vertical stand between 35.5” to 63-⅛”, while the telescopic boom is adjustable as well, between 18 to roughly 30 inches. For added security, it features a t-bar locking screw so that you can easily tighten or loosen the boom arm without worrying that your mic will fall down. One reviewer commended that “after trying some cheaper booms and being disappointed, I finally decided to spend a little more and get a quality stand. The stand is easy to assemble and adjust. The difference in quality is undeniable. It is solid and will not tip over even at full boom.”

K&M König & Meyer 21090.500.55 Tripod Microphone Stand | Adjustable Telescoping 2-Piece Boom Arm | Professional Grade | Heavy Duty with Folding Leg Base | German Made Black
  • Innovative leader in stand technology; K&M stand with telescoping 2-piece boom arm is easy to assemble, adjust and is preferred among musicians. The stand offers maximum durability and stability so you can keep focused on your music
  • Calling all musicians; an adjustable height of 35”- 63" with a patented clamping lever lock T-bar boom arm (length 17”- 29”) makes positioning real simple. This professional mic stand can be found in every music studio or concert stage
  • Trusted design; zinc die-cast tripod base with rubber feet provides your mic with a solid foundation (mic not included). Flexible folding legs make it easy to set up, break-down and transport. This will be your go-to stand with many years of service
  • Eco-friendly for over 70 years, K&M has achieved ISO-14001 environment certification and is committed to environmental impact, protection, and responsible resource consumption.
  • Reflecting our commitment to world-class construction, the Mic Stand is made in Germany. Designed with exceptional standards, K&M offers a 5-year product warranty and 10-year on replacement parts availability.