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Best Audiophile In-Ceiling Speakers (2022 Reviews)

The technology for speakers has gotten increasingly sophisticated over the years, from fancy home set-ups to portable ones that are travel-friendly and even waterproof. But what if you’re looking for high-quality audio experience without needing to deal with big, boxy speakers and other equipment taking up space in your room? This is where in-ceiling speakers come in. They’re the perfect combination of performance and minimalist looks. In-ceiling speakers can be installed so that they’re flush with the ceiling and extremely unobtrusive, so that you can maintain your preferred aesthetic while still getting great sound. It brings a whole new meaning to surround sound–you’ll feel as if the audio is simply coming from the air around you as you sink deeper into your couch and enjoy the music or movie that you’re listening to. Smart homes are now increasingly installing in-ceiling speakers so they’re becoming more and more popular, but audiophiles will be quick to tell you that these have been a viable alternative to bulky unit set-ups for a long time.

We anticipate that these will become even more popular within the next couple of years. But there are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re buying in-ceiling speakers though, including size, placement of installation, and shape. It can be tricky to put all these together, so we’ve gone ahead and put together our top 2020 picks for the best in-ceiling speakers for audiophiles. Read on if you’re considering getting in-ceiling speakers for your place or looking for a quality replacement for the ones you have already!

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 Our Favorite Audiophile In-Ceiling Speakers In 2020

  1. Pyle PDIC60 6.5” In-Wall / In-Ceiling SPeakers (Pair) – 2-Way Woofer Speaker System Directable 1” Titanium Dome Tweeter Flush Mount Design w/ 65Hz – 22kHz Frequency Response 250 Watts Peak – Read Reviews

If you’re looking for an entry-level and budget-friendly option for in-ceiling speakers, then the Pyle PDIC60 is the one for you. Even with the low price, these speakers manage to deliver good and clear two-way sound quality. The 6.5 inch design paired with the one-inch titanium dome tweeter and 8-ohm impedance really boosts the sound to a level that makes it ideal for surround-sound home theater set-ups. The dome tweeter is also directable so you have the option to send sound to wherever you want in the room. Aesthetically, these have a slim design that can fit in flush with your wall or ceiling, depending on what look you’re going for, and you can even paint the speaker grill so that you can really customize the look of these speakers to match your room. The bass on the PDIC60 is not as deep as you might be able to get from pricier sets, but if you crank up the volume you’ll still be able to get the thumps that you’re looking for. Overall this is a great set to buy for the price. As one reviewer commented, “these speakers are unbelievable value for money.”

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  1. Polk Audio RC80i 2-way Premium In-Ceiling 8” Round Speakers, Set of 2 – Read Reviews

Polk is a relatively popular brand of speaker manufacturers and they really deliver with the RC80i. The sound quality is warm and the deep, low range acoustics really comes through due to the 8-inch balanced dynamic subwoofer and one-inch dome tweeter, which is adjustable and comes on a 15-degree swiveling mount so you can really direct the sound to exactly where you want it. For those who want an easy set-up process, the RC80i comes with an easy to follow template to ensure straightforward installation. All you need after preparing a hole in the ceiling and the wires to connect the speaker in place is a screwdriver to ensure that your speakers are flush with the ceiling or wall. An added bonus is that these are manufactured out of durable material that’s made to be moisture resistant, so these are a good option for bathrooms or a pool area. While the bass delivers on the RC80i, the only downside is that the higher ranges are a bit lacking in clarity. Nonetheless, one reviewer provided a testament to its quality by commenting that these “they still sound great since I installed them in 2007.

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  1. Yamaha NSIC800WH 140-Watts 2-Way RMS Speaker – White (2 Speakers) – Read Reviews

The quality of Yamaha products are always solid, and you can easily see their attention to detail in the NSIC800WH speakers. Every aspect of this set is well-designed with sturdy materials, and at a price that doesn’t break the bank. At 28kHz, you will get maximum frequency response while the 8-ohm impedance and polypropylene mica cone woofer ensures that you get high-performance for the mid-to low sound reproduction. The 1-inch fluid-cooled soft-dome swivel tweeter in a coaxial design delivers pure high frequency with precise sound positioning. These are easy and quick to install, as it comes with magnetic grills that are easy to remove and replace, while the mounting system grips make installation easy and secure. These are great for 2-channel sound reproduction or home theater use wherever you’d like an extra boost to your sound. One reviewer raved that “The sound is clear and crisp on these Yamahas with plenty of punchy depth. These speakers are capable of generating quite a bit of bass which is most notable in the floor above. Upstairs it sounds like a subwoofer when the volume is cranked up. I’ve experienced zero distortion at loud volumes. At the same time the sound quality is not sacrificed at lower background volumes either.”

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  1. Bose 742897-0200 Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speaker II (White) – Read Reviews

At the upper end of the price spectrum, but a fantastic option for all audiophiles out there, are the Bose Virtually Invisible 791. Bose is well-known for manufacturing quality speakers and these in-ceiling speakers offer a sound that is hard to beat, as it utilizes Bose’s signature Stereo Everywhere technology for ensuring that an entire room will be blanketed in sound. Rather than having more directional sound, the Bose system can ensure true surround sound with balanced audio performance no matter where you are in a room. The one 7” woofer and two strategically positioned 1” tweeters deliver rich and clear low-end frequencies that are matched with strong high-end frequencies on the other end. These are also easy to install and secure so that you can have a solid set of in-ceiling speakers in no time. As one reviewer noted, “I have them mounted above me and they work awesome. I feel super immersed in movies. The sounds actually have me thinking they are coming from inside my house. Love it.”

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