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Best 27 Inch Monitor Under $200 (2022 Reviews)

It seems like these days, laptops are getting more and more advanced. As our technology has gotten better over the years, even a small tablet with the right keyboard can rival a traditional PC. But sometimes, the smaller screen of the laptop just won’t cut it for the work that you’re trying to do, or the game that you’re trying to play. In these cases, when you sometimes need a larger screen but are usually completely satisfied with your laptop, it might be time to consider buying a monitor. Computer monitors, unlike all-in-one desktops, are not standalone units. Rather, it supplements your existing hardware and acts as a second, larger screen so you can have an easier time reading things while still knowing how to navigate the software.

Having a monitor can be incredibly useful; not only do you have an enlarged screen to work off, making working in Excel or PowerPoint much easier on the eyes, it also acts as a second screen so you can look at two tabs simultaneously. Instead of splitting one screen, you can fully utilize two screens and multi-task to your heart’s content. Of course, as the technology for personal computers has improved exponentially over the past few years, so has the technology behind monitors. There is no shortage of options out there for you to peruse, and features to consider, such as the size, price, shape, and visuals. That’s why we’ve put together a short-list of 27 inch monitors under $200. These picks below reflect our 2020 recommendations if you’re looking to buy something to supplement your existing set-up at home or in the office. So take a look below to find your next tech purchase that certainly won’t break the bank!

 Our Favorite 27 Inch Monitors Under $200 In 2020

  1. HP P Series P274 27” Full HD 1920 x 1080 LED LCD Anti-glare monitor

HP is an extremely well known hardware manufacturer. From personal computers to printers, it is consistently at the top of lists and this monitor certainly delivers on its brand. This is a straightforward monitor designed with business-class features and a contemporary design to fit into your existing office space. You can easily adjust the tilt, height, and swivel settings so you can be sure that this monitor sits right at your eye level. You can connect a number of devices through the VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort connections (and included cables), and you’ll immediately get crisp 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution visuals from any angle you choose to look at your monitor. It comes ready to mount and you don’t need any adapters so you don’t need to worry about struggling through setting it up. This doesn’t come with a USB C cable though, so if that’s something that you’re looking for then be warned. Overall, this is a straightforward purchase and really delivers on what it’s built for. One reviewer commented that this is “super easy to set up and get going, VGA, HDMI, and HP custom output cables included.

Have been using for only a week, but the picture quality is great for office application work. Excel reads crisp and clear and webex demos can be enlarged to see tiny details.”

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  1. LG 27MK600M-B 27” Full HD IPS Monitor with Radeon FreeSync Technology and Virtually Borderless Design

Another tech giant, LG designed this monitor to meet all your hardware needs while also looking exceptionally sleek and modern. As the description of the item says, the monitor has a virtually borderless design (on three sides, with the signature LG logo on the bottom) so your screen seems larger than life, and a smooth, curved base that fits neatly on your desk or monitor mount. This features a 27 inch Full HD (1980 x 1080) in-plane switching (IPS) display monitor so you get shorter response times and improved color and has dual HDMI inputs on the back. It also features Radeon FreeSync, which reduces the tearing and stuttering that occur between a graphic card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate, which enables a smoother motion overall. If you select Reader Mode, you can quickly reduce the amount of blue light coming through your screen to help reduce eye fatigue. Note that this similarly does not have a USB port. One reviewer absolutely raved that this monitor is “Astonishing. Breathtaking. I can’t believe how much bigger it is, how much brighter it is (I even dimmed mine by about 20% because it’s SO vibrant), how much more crystal clear it is, it’s literally my favorite thing about my PC now (a PC that I’ve built over several years, with the best processor, the best memory, the best hard drives, the best video cards, you name it). I just can’t get over it. It’s like having an entirely new computer..

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  1. HP Pavilion 27xw 27-inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with VGA and HDMI Ports (V0N26AA#ABA) – White & Silver

This monitor from HP is distinctively modern and accessible. It features a 27” diagonal monitor with 16:9 screen, delivering 1920 x 1080 resolution and 8ms response time. The colors come across especially crisp thanks to the 72% color gamut, IPS technology, and 10M:1 dynamic contrast ratio so that you can easily view the monitor from 178 degree wide angle viewing without worrying about any distortion. The monitor also has anti-glare matte so you can safely sit by a window on a sunny day without needing to adjust your monitor’s position to avoid any glare from the sun. Best of all, you can plug and play your Windows laptop, Mac, or even PS4 if you want a bigger screen. As the following reviewer noted, it’s easy to set up also: “After sliding the stand pieces together and then into the monitor, I simply plugged the HDMI into my MacBook Pro and into one of the monitor’s two HDMI ports and got the power plugged in on both ends before turning on the beautiful display! Took approximately 30 seconds to get into my MacBook’s preferences and set the display options to my liking (which was an additional screen versus mirror display).”

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  1. Philips 272E1CA 27” Curved Frameless Monitor, Full HD 1080P, 100% sRGB, Adaptive-Sync, Speakers, VESA< 4Yr Advance Replacement Warranty

Unless all the other monitors listed, this Philips monitor is curved for your viewing pleasure. The VA panel has 1500R curvature for both wide- and immersive viewing experiences, while the LED monitor with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution delivers on quality. It also has 100% sRGB color gamut coverage so you can see the full spectrum, with Philips smart contrast with MEGA Infinity dynamic Contrast Ratio for deep and rich blacks. If you’re using your monitor a lot at night, this has LowBlue mode that reduces blue light coming through so your eyes don’t get fatigued as easily. As an added bonus, you have built-in speakers so that you can use this monitor to really boost your existing computer set-up at home or in the office. Overall, this is a great monitor to purchase for the price. One reviewer simply commented “beautiful screen, almost bezel less. Picture is sharp, and clear” and we couldn’t agree more.”

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