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Best 12 Inch Subwoofer For The Money (2022 Reviews)

When you’re in the process of putting together the perfect home audio set-up, it’s easy to forget about how important subwoofers are. High-quality speakers are usually top of mind for people when they’re thinking about what they need. These are certainly important, but definitely not the only thing you should be thinking about. Even though you might not be a bass-head, subwoofers will enable your existing speakers to better reproduce lower frequencies in tv shows, songs, movie soundtracks, and games, even if your speakers are on the smaller end. Subwoofers will add to your home system and give you a more immersive vibe to whatever you’re listening to, even if you’re not specifically looking for those low frequencies. As an added bonus, having subwoofers will also ensure that your speakers don’t need to work as hard, which can add to the longevity of your audio equipment.

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You also don’t need to worry about the size of the subwoofer, because bass frequencies are non-directional so you can place the subwoofer somewhere out the way, rather than right with your tv and speakers. Regardless of what you have at home already, a 12-inch model is a good size to consider because it is the perfect combination between sound quality and size. So we’ve gone ahead and put together our 2020 picks for the best 12 inch subwoofer for your money. Take a look below to see what works best for you!

 The Top 12 Inch Subwoofers In 2020

  1. Polk Audio PSW505 12” Powered Subwoofer – High Precision Bass with Extreme Power & Wide Soundstage | Up to 460 Watts | Big Bass at a Great Value

Polk Audio is one of the bigger names in the speaker and higher-end audio industry, and you’ve definitely seen their products before, if not own some already. Although these subs look relatively simple, they pack a powerful punch in terms of its sound. The 505 accepts both line-level inputs from a receiver and wired stereo speaker systems, so you can integrate these into your existing set-up with no issue. The 460 watts is a little lower in terms of power but still manage to deliver high performance without any distortion in your sound, and accurately reproduces sounds, which makes it great for your home theater. In terms of its build, the slot load venting improves the bass response while MDF construction suppresses enclosure panel resonance so that all in all, you’re getting better audio. One reviewer noted that “I will guarantee you that you will hear clear and clean solid bass and will compliment other speakers improving clarity at a wide range of frequencies from low to high.”

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  1. SA-12 D2 REV.3-Sundown Audio 12” 750W Dual 2-Ohm SA Series Subwoofer

Sundown Audio is less well known than the other manufacturers out there, but the quality and build of these subwoofers is right on par with the best names in the industry. These are very well designed, with a heavy and sturdy feel that delivers clean-sounding lows without overheating or distorting the audio. It utilizes thick, black, anodized aluminum voice coil formers to dissipate heat and max out on the strength of these subs. Inside, the Dual Aluminum Faraday rings also reduce inductance and inductive distortion. Although it’s rated at 750W, most reviewers agree that this has actually been underrated, which means that you’ll be getting way more out of these than you thought you were going to get. You can install these in your car or use them in your home theater set-up. One self-proclaimed bass-head claimed that these are “they are clean sounding and love the lows. Don’t get hot or distort. Build a box or get one built to spec and see for yourself. To be honest, it would be hard for me to buy any other brand now, knowing what these can do and how they sound.”

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  1. Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm 12-Inch 600-Watt RMS 1200-Watt Peak Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate is a big name when it comes to consumer audio products, and its series of Punch subwoofers definitely delivers. The P3D4-12 gives you amazing sound–all the thumps and bumps you would want your low frequencies to have, at a fairly low cost compared to other options out there. You get 1200 watts of maximum power handling (600 watts RMS) and custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals. You can pick from either the 2 or 4 ohm options, with the 2 being wired from 1 or 4 while the 4 ohm option can be wired 2 or 8 (8 is a good option if you’re going to be purchasing multiple subs, in our opinion). In terms of the build, the aluminum cone takes heat away from the copper and aluminum voice coils, which allows you to hear that bass sound without the sound bottoming out. Even for the relatively low cost, one reviewer commented that “these are worth the money! Plain and simple, better design, better magnets, bigger coils combine for much better performance.”

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  1. Skar Audio Dual 12” 2400W Loaded SDR Series Vented Subwoofer Enclosure | SDR-2X12D4

Another smaller manufacturer, but with a top-quality product, is Skar. These SDR series subwoofers handles 2,400 watts (1,200 watts RMS) at its peak, which blows most subwoofers out of the water in terms of its capacity. It comes pre-wired internally for a 1-ohm final impedance load at the terminals to make installation easier for you. These are specifically designed for audiophiles who want a competition grade system for a good price. The box ensures easy set-up and integration into your existing system, while also remaining sleek enough to not distract from the rest of your aesthetics. As many reviewers attested, “Skar is my brand for life. Love these subs man! My first set of subs and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They work very well and I push them pretty hard.”

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