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Justin S.


Best Modem For Gaming (2020 Reviews)

Everyone knows that serious gamers are extremely picky about the equipment they use. From the monitor to the keyboard to the headphones and even the chair that ...
gun safe

Best Gun Safe Under $500 (2020 Reviews)

When it comes to responsible gun ownership, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration. Aside from buying a gun and going through the p...
best laptop

Best Laptops Under $700 (2020 Reviews)

There is truly no shortage of technology out there for our personal use. From headsets to Bluetooth speakers to laptops, it seems like the quality of the produc...

How To Wash New And Old Quilts

Like any other blanket in your household, quilts need to be washed, though not as frequently as you might think. The first thing to keep in mind before washing ...
AKG K553 Audio Jack - featured image

AKG K553 Review

AKG is an Austrian brand that has made a name for itself via its plenty of professional grade headphones and microphones.The company has been going strong for w...
Cowin E7 Pro [2020 Updated] - Featured Image

Cowin E7 Pro Review [2020 Updated]

Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones that offer good performance are hard to come by, isn’t it? On You can find tons and tons of Active Noise Ca...
Tips while Buying Best BookShelf Speakers

Tips while Buying Best BookShelf Speakers

Tips while Buying Best BookShelf Speakers Everyone loves the sound of music because it refreshes our soul and many people like to enjoy it more than anything e...
Justin S.

Justin S.

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