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Audiophile (noun): a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction; a person interested in audio recording, production and playback, in a home or professional setting.


We’re curators of everything music; whether you’re looking for headphones, speakers, mics, top songs or those small (or large) pieces of equipment to add some oomph to your listening experience, you can be sure to find it here.

With hundreds of hours of audio device testing, we’re a credible source for where to find the best products as well as the best deals on the market. And the market is huge! With the tech industry rapidly growing, there are new innovations every day. But we don’t want our readers spending their hard-earned cash on just any fancy product – we’re here to guide you to products that fit your needs and budget. And for us, quality comes before all else.

Which brings us to our guides! Each one is designed to present you with top-of-the-line devices from both well-known and new-to-the-scene companies, ensuring that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. The products presented have been reviewed by our own team, but we also take into consideration customer opinions from sites such as and other audiophile groups.

On top of that, embedded in the guides and presented as their own separate articles are short how-to features. Not sure how to pair your smartphone with the Bluetooth headphones we helped you find? There’s a guide for that. Looking into getting yourself a mic for recording music, but not sure what exactly a condenser mic does or if it’s necessary to your process? Need the best soundbar for your TV? There’s a guide for that as well!

We’ve found the best headphones and earbuds for workouts, the best speakers to blend seamlessly into your home, the best recording equipment for your musical aspirations – it’s all right here and packaged for you in easy-to-read, informative articles. You’ll even find links to current product prices and customer reviews right alongside our personal opinions and un-boxing videos.

Speakers, Amps and Subwoofers:  

Whether decorative or professional, there’s a wide array of products available in the speaker, subwoofer and amplifier niche. We explain why amps are necessary for some audio devices and which computer speakers go best with your particular setup. Looking to class up your home with bookshelf speakers,  we’ve got you covered.

Headphones and Earbuds:

From Skullcandy to Bose, our headphone and earbud guides are packed with tips on what to look for and lists of included features. If you’re longing for a pair of durable earbuds that’ll stay firmly in place for a vigorous workout, or noise-cancelling headphones for watching intense movies in solitude, you’ll find it here.

Microphones: isn’t just for audiophiles – we specialize in products for musicians, as well, or anyone interested in recording. Have a podcast? Find the right microphone for your traveling needs. Producing your own bass-heavy EP? You’ll want the best equipment to get great playback on those tracks.

Budget Lists:

As audiophiles ourselves, we understand that the majority of your money can’t always go toward the audio merchandise you want with the quality you need. So we’ve put together countless lists with budgets in mind – best dacs under $200, wireless earbuds for under $30, microphones under $300, or an amalgam of best headphones all within a range of $10-$1000. We know you might be tight on cash, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality!


And there’s much more at! We’re continuously growing, as does the market, and adding to our lists. Find updated versions with the newest and best-priced products available. We even discuss lineages, so if one product sounds close to what you’re looking for but not spot-on, we can direct you to similar products from the same company.

We also enjoy hearing from our readers, especially owners of the devices we’ve written about or eventual consumers. Feel free to reach out to us via our comments section and ask questions or let us know what you thought about a particular product.

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