Windows Grep is distributed as Shareware. It is not free or public domain. This means you may copy and distribute it freely but should you find it useful and use it beyond an initial evaluation period of 30 days you are both legally and morally obliged to pay the license fee.

When you register this program, you will encourage us to continue to support and develop it and create more high quality Shareware programs.

Registration brings the following benefits:

  • A registration code that will 'brand' your copy so that your name or your organisation's name appears in the About box.
  • Support by email.
  • The reminder dialog displayed on exit will no longer appear.
  • Free upgrade to any v2.x releases that come available in the future.

Registering via PayPal

Registration codes will be sent out by us, usually within 12 hours of receipt of order.

Number of licences Cost Each Registration link
1 $30 $30
2 $58 $29
5 $140 $28
10 $200 $20
Greater quantities: please enquire