The primary feature of Windows Grep is to search the contents of one or more files on your PC for occurrences of text strings you specify and display the results. Once found, it can replace matches with other strings.

Main screenshot

Image of Windows Grep's main window

Once you've found what you're looking for, you can open the files found for viewing or editing, or you can replace the text found with something else.

The best way to find out what it does and what it looks like is to download it for yourself and try it for free. But, if you want to read about it first, here's a feature list and some screen shots:


  • Support for beginning and expert users: In beginner mode, the Search Assistant guides you though the process of setting up and executing a search.
  • Searches plain text and UNIX-style text files: Program source code, batch files, HTML, RTF and so on can be searched.
  • Searches all binary files such as Word Processor documents, spreadsheets, unencrypted databases, EXEs, DLLs and so on.
  • Replacing as well as searching: Once you have performed a search you can change the matches found to another string in all files or a single file, quickly, easily and safely. In beginner mode, the Replace Assistant gently guides you through the process.
  • Saving and printing of search results: Search results are displayed using HTML which allows printed output to be generated exactly the same as it appears on-screen, and results can be saved to disk in plain text or HTML format.
  • Command line interface: A powerful UNIX-like command line interface allows Windows Grep to be driven from a DOS box or other Windows shell.
  • Saving and retrieval of search criteria: Complex search criteria can be saved to disk for later recall to ease their repetition.
  • Fully multi-tasking: Windows Grep can be minimised while a search is in progress. An icon is displayed on Windows' Taskbar icon tray to indicate when the search is complete. Searches can at any time.
  • 'Search again': Files found to contain matches can be easily searched again to see if they contain another, different, string.
  • ZIP file searching - look in zip archives for matching files and search them
  • Delimited and fixed width data file searching at field-level. 
  • Explorer Extension - Launch Windows Grep directly from Windows Explorer
  • Easy setup and un-installation


Here's an alternative view of the main window, with the file list and results panes side-by-side:

Alternative configuration of the main window

The search dialog is where the string to find and where to look is entered:

Search dialog

In addition, for beginning users, a search assistant the search process. Here's the first page:

Search wizard